What is Thrive 45°?


We are a network of Young Professionals in Northern Michigan. Petoskey is the geographic center for our group. Most of our members are in their 20's and 30's.

Our Thrive 45 Facebook page is active and a good place to keep in touch with the group. 45 degrees is the latitude halfway between the equator and North Pole - it's also the informal southern border of northern Michigan.

Our Goal

Our mission is to create an environment to help young professionals thrive in Northern Michigan. We want our peers to stay and grow in the area.


How You can Get Involved?

There is no cost to join. You're welcome if you consider yourself young and professional. You can join a committee, come to an event, or follow along online.

Employers, let us know when you hire a new young person.

Sponsors are welcome to help fund our social and professional development events.