Please see the guidelines below before you post to the group page. Following these guidelines allows all of us to have a better experience and find the information we’re most interested in. If you have questions about these guidelines, you may contact Alison Abraham, Alexandra Myers, or Christa Rensel.

  1. Be kind and keep it clean. This is a large group with members in all different stages of life and careers. Please be kind when posting feedback, opinions, etc. Name calling or slurs will result in immediate removal from the group.
  2. Have fun and make a difference! Nights out and happy hours are fun, but that is not the focus of our group. Thrive 45º events include charitable, fellowship, healthy, and professional activities.
  3. Keep promotional posts to our Monday Share thread. We can’t wait to hear everything you’re working on, job openings, events, and news – but we also want to be mindful that this type of promotional information can quickly become “spammy.” To make things easy to find (and to keep your posts from getting buried), any promotional post submitted that isn’t posted directly to our Monday thread will be denied.
  4. Join the conversation. We want to hear what you have to say and so do your fellow Thrivers. Join in our Conversation threads each Thursday, ask questions during the week, share things happening in our area that concern us all.

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